Indoor LED Screen Display P20
p20 indoor led screen display
indoor led display screen
indoor advertising led display screen
Indoor LED Screen

Indoor LED Screen Display P20

The P20 Indoor LED Screen Display adopts international advanced surface-mount three-in-one packaging technology, and high-quality light-emitting chips. The driver IC is an indoor surface-mount full-color display in brightness, grayscale, contrast, high density, and visibility. This Indoor LED Screen has many advantages in terms of angle, stability, color uniformity, color saturation, image edge fineness, and smooth video effects.
In the store, the Indoor LED Display Screen can be applied to the store glass window to attract the attention of customers and improve the brand image of the store. We propose the application scheme of Indoor Transparent LED Display in shop glass windows. The solution uses a Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen installed on the shop glass window, which is convenient for the store to display advertising information and attract customers' attention without occupying a large area of space.

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Product Description

1. High transparency, LED Crystal Film Screen has high transparency, and the base material is high temperature resistant PET electric heating film. When the screen stops working, the screen can hardly be seen, and it is completely integrated into the glass;
2. Ultra-thin, thickness is only 2.5mm, and the weight is as light as 5kg/㎡;
3. Bendable, the LED crystal film screen has strong flexibility and can be pasted with curved glass buildings
4. Can be cut, support arbitrary cutting, not limited by size and shape, meet different size requirements, and achieve more creative display
5. Wide viewing angle, 160° at all angles, no dead angle and no color cast, every side is wonderful
6. Safe and beautiful, the screen has no components, the power supply is hidden, safe and reliable
7. Quick installation, simple and fast, can be directly pasted on the glass surface;
Indoor LED Video all

Boundless Flexibility: Unlike traditional LED displays, our Indoor LED Screen Display can be cut to any size or shape, conforming to curved surfaces and adapting to even the most unique architectural designs.
Unmatched Transparency: With a 95% transparency rate, the film maintains a clear view through the glass, while simultaneously showcasing stunning visuals. This creates a captivating interplay between real and digital worlds, leaving audiences mesmerized.
Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to bulky frames and complex setups. Our lightweight film adheres directly to glass surfaces, ensuring a quick and seamless installation process.
Brilliant Visuals: High-resolution displays deliver exceptional clarity and detail, while adjustable brightness ensures vivid colors even in bright environments.
Wide Viewing Angle: Captivate viewers from virtually any perspective with a 160° viewing angle. No more dead zones – your message will be seen loud and clear.
Durable and Reliable: Built with cutting-edge technology, this LED Film boasts a 100,000-hour lifespan and an IP30 rating for worry-free operation.
Retail Revolution: Imagine window displays that come alive, showcasing products in a whole new light. Interactive menus embedded in restaurant windows or captivating product demonstrations in-store – the possibilities are endless.
Architectural Brilliance: Transform building facades into dynamic displays, creating stunning landmarks and captivating audiences even before they step inside.
Event Enchantment: Elevate live events with interactive backdrops, immersive product launches, or dynamic stage presentations.
The Flexible LED Film Crystal Display Screen is more than just a display; it's a portal to a new dimension of engagement. Contact us today and discover how this innovative technology can transform your brand experience and captivate your audience like never before.

LED High transmittance Easy to install AB version

light drive in one,

independent research and
development, high reliability,

mini LED device, industry leading

The transmittance is
more than 90%,
which does not affect
the glass daylighting
without steel structure,
just stick the thin screen
slightly and connect the
power signal
Flexible Light and thin UV resistance Flame retardanyt

for any surface

as thin as 2.5mm, as light as 5kg/ 5~10 years can ensure no yellowing flame retardant grade V1

Module size (mm) 1000*400 Peak power 600w/㎡
LED light REE2022 Average power 200w/㎡
Pixel composition R1G1B1 Work environment Temperature -20-55
Pixel spacing (mm) 20*20 Weight 1.3kg
Module pixel 50*20=1000 Thickness 2.5mm
Pixel/㎡ 2500 Drive mode static state
Brightness 2000/4000 Control system Nova/Colorlight
Permeability 95% Typical value of life 100000H
Angle of view ° 160 Grayscale level 16bit
input voltage AC110-240V50/60Hz Refresh rate 3840Hz

P20 LED Screen

Light and thin
The P20 LED Screen thinnest screen thickness can be within 2.5mm; the weight is less than5kg. There is no need for steel No steel frame structure, no need to change the appearance of the building, effectively reducing transport and installation costs.

Invisible Display
The P20 Indoor Advertising Screen light emitting chip adopts micron sized light source. No grid or bar influence, clear and transparent-in view. Clear and transparent.

High Transmittance
Transmission rate of the P20 Indoor LED Panel product can reach more than 95%, the distance of 1 to 3 metres can not see the line of basicThe existence of the road, retaining the function of the glass lighting perspective, to secure that the curtain wall glass landscape consistency.
Indoor Advertising Screen

LED Display Screen For Advertising Indoor

Strong flexibility
This Indoor LED Screen Display can paste any curvature, good physical flexibility. Curved screen, shaped screen, straight screen all can be easily achieved.

Energy saving and environmental protection
The Indoor LED Display Screen superior heat dissipation, heat dissipation is only 20% of the traditional display, improve the photoelectricity conversion efficiency, reducing the failure rate of the display, making the display life becomes longer.

Easy Installation
This LED Display Screen For Advertising Indoor simply stick the film screen gently, and then connect the signal and power supply. Effectively save Reduce the cost of installation and uphold.

Suitable for various scenesEye-catching and easy to install
Application for Indoor LED Screen Display

Indoor LED Video Wall

Indoor LED Video Wall offer an immersive visual experience for various indoor environments, from corporate lobbies to retail spaces and event venues. With their vibrant colors, high resolution, and seamless integration capabilities, the Pixel Indoor Outdoor Advertising LED Video Wall Display Screen captivate audiences and effectively convey messages.

Indoor LED Screen Wall

Our Indoor LED Screen Wall feature cutting-edge technology, including ultra-thin, seamless display, and high refresh rates to eliminate flickering and ensure smooth video playback. They are available in a range of pixel pitches to suit different viewing distances and resolutions, ensuring stunning clarity regardless of the viewing angle.

Indoor LED Wall Screen

Indoor LED Wall Screen

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, our Indoor LED Wall Screen are lightweight and modular, allowing for flexible configurations to fit any space. Advanced thermal management systems ensure reliable performance even in continuous operation, while energy-efficient LED technology reduces power consumption and operating costs.

Pixel Indoor Outdoor Advertising LED Video Wall Display Screen

With intuitive control software, users can easily manage content and schedule playback, making these video walls ideal for dynamic advertising, informational displays, and interactive presentations. Backed by comprehensive technical support and a warranty, our Pixel Indoor Outdoor Advertising LED Video Wall Display Screen provide a reliable solution for captivating indoor visual experiences.

Pixel Indoor Outdoor Advertising LED Video Wall Display Screen

Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Our Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen boast high resolution, ensuring crisp and clear images with vibrant colors. With advanced pixel pitch technology, viewers can enjoy stunning visuals even from close distances, enhancing engagement and impact. Designed for seamless integration into indoor environments, our Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen feature sleek and slim profiles. Whether mounted on walls or integrated into existing structures, they blend harmoniously with surroundings while commanding attention with their brilliance.

Indoor Advertising Screen

Equipped with cutting-edge LED technology, our Indoor Advertising Screen deliver superior brightness and contrast levels. This ensures optimal visibility in various lighting conditions, from dimly lit interiors to brightly lit environments, maximizing exposure and visibility of advertising content. Our Indoor Advertising Screen support dynamic content management, allowing advertisers to easily update and schedule content remotely. With user-friendly software interfaces, managing advertising campaigns becomes efficient and hassle-free, enabling real-time adjustments for maximum impact.

LED Display Screen For Advertising Indoor

We offer extensive customization options to meet diverse advertising needs. From screen sizes and shapes to mounting options and control systems, our LED Display Screen For Advertising Indoor can be tailored to suit specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

LED Screen For Advertising Indoor

Committed to sustainability, our LED Screen For Advertising Indoor are designed for energy-efficient operation. Utilizing advanced LED technology, they consume minimal power without compromising on performance, contributing to lower energy costs and environmental conservation. Built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, our Indoor LED Screen Display are highly reliable and durable. With robust construction and quality components, they offer long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring uninterrupted advertising experiences.

Indoor Advertising Display Screen

We provide comprehensive support and service to ensure the seamless operation of our Indoor Advertising Display Screen. From installation and training to maintenance and technical assistance, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. In conclusion, our P20 Indoor LED Screen combines cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and unmatched versatility to elevate indoor advertising experiences. With stunning visuals, seamless integration, and easy content management, they empower advertisers to captivate audiences and achieve their marketing objectives effectively.

LED Panel Screen Indoor

LED Panel Screen Indoor

Transform your indoor space with our cutting-edge LED Panel Screen. Designed for superior performance and visual impact, our LED Panel Screen Indoor offer unparalleled clarity, brightness, and versatility. Crafted with precision, each panel boasts high-definition resolution, ensuring every image and video is displayed with stunning clarity and vividness. Our advanced LED technology delivers consistent brightness across the screen, creating an immersive viewing experience from any angle.

Indoor LED Panel

Experience seamless integration with our easy-to-use control system, allowing you to effortlessly manage content and settings. Whether you’re showcasing advertisements, presentations, or live events, our Indoor LED Panel provides the perfect platform to captivate your audience.

Indoor LED Display Panel

With a sleek and lightweight design, our panels are easy to install and can be customized to fit any space. Whether it’s a retail store, conference room, or entertainment venue, our Indoor LED Display Panel adds a touch of modern elegance to any environment.

Indoor LED Screen Panel

Elevate your visual display with our Indoor LED Screen Panel and make a lasting impression on your audience. Experience the future of digital signage with unmatched quality and reliability.

Indoor Display Screen

Indoor LED Display Screen

Indoor LED Display Screen offer vibrant visual experiences for various applications, from advertising to entertainment and information dissemination. With advanced technology, the Indoor LED Screen Display deliver high-resolution imagery and dynamic content playback. Featuring seamless integration and easy installation, they are versatile solutions for diverse indoor environments.

Indoor Display Screen

Indoor Display Screen enhance engagement and captivate audiences, making them essential tools for modern communication and visual storytelling.

Indoor SMD Screen

Indoor SMD Screen

Our Indoor SMD Screen offers high-definition display solutions for indoor environments. With advanced Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) technology, it delivers vibrant colors and sharp imagery, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. The slim and lightweight design allows for easy installation and versatile placement in various indoor settings such as conference rooms, retail spaces, and event venues. Featuring seamless integration and customizable configurations, our Indoor HD LED Display is perfect for showcasing advertisements, presentations, and engaging content with clarity and impact. Elevate your indoor visual displays with our cutting-edge SMD screen technology.

People also ask


What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor LED Screens?

Indoor and outdoor LED screens differ primarily in their design, construction, and features to suit their respective environments:
Brightness and Contrast: Outdoor LED screens are typically much brighter to combat sunlight and other outdoor lighting conditions, while indoor screens are designed for lower ambient light environments. Outdoor screens also have higher contrast ratios to ensure visibility in bright conditions.
Weather Resistance: Outdoor LED screens are built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. They're often sealed to prevent moisture and dust from damaging the components. Indoor screens don't need this level of protection.
Pixel Pitch: Outdoor screens usually have a larger pixel pitch (the distance between the center of one pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel) to ensure visibility from a distance. Indoor screens can have smaller pixel pitches for higher resolution since viewers are typically closer to the screen.
Durability: Outdoor screens are constructed with more durable materials to withstand outdoor elements and potential vandalism. Indoor screens may be more delicate since they are not exposed to harsh conditions.
Energy Efficiency: Indoor screens may prioritize energy efficiency since they don't need to be as bright as outdoor screens. Outdoor screens may consume more power due to their higher brightness levels.
Viewing Angle: Outdoor screens often have wider viewing angles to accommodate larger audiences viewing from different angles outdoors. Indoor screens may have narrower viewing angles since viewers are typically directly in front of them.
Size and Weight: Outdoor screens may be heavier and larger to accommodate the additional weatherproofing and structural requirements. Indoor screens can be more lightweight and compact.
These differences make each type of LED screen suitable for its intended environment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


Indoor LED Display Screen Price

The price of an indoor LED display screen can vary significantly depending on several factors such as:
Size: Larger screens typically cost more than smaller ones.
Resolution: Higher resolution screens (e.g., 4K) tend to be more expensive.
Pixel Pitch: Smaller pixel pitch results in higher image clarity but also higher cost.
Brand: Well-known brands may come with a higher price tag due to their reputation and quality.
Features: Additional features such as brightness adjustment, refresh rate, and connectivity options can influence the price.
Supplier/Manufacturer: Different suppliers/manufacturers may offer varying price points based on their production costs, quality standards, and profit margins.
Customization: If you need any customization or special requirements, it may affect the price.
As of my last update, you could expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per square meter for indoor LED display screens, with high-end options potentially costing even more. For a more accurate estimate, you may need to contact suppliers or manufacturers directly, providing them with your specific requirements.

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