Transparent LED Adhesive Film P10
p10 led screen
p10 transparent led adhesive film
adhesive led transparent film screen

Transparent LED Adhesive Film P10

P10 Transparent LED Adhesive Film has four major characteristics: light, transparent, flexible, thin, and extremely simple installation.This Adhesive LED Transparent Film Screen no need for steel frame structure, can be attached to the glass surface,Transparent background display, fashionable, beautifulIt is very fashionable, beautiful and modern. With the current VR, AR, artificial intelligence, meta-universe, science fiction,animation, virtual reality, gaming and other technological elements. The Adhesive Transparent LED Film widely used inglass curtain walls (city buildings, large shopping malls, etc.), glass windows (stores along the street, automobile 4S shops, jewelry stores, etc.),automobile 4S stores, jewelry stores, etc.), glass guardrail (city, culture and tourism), transportation hubs (high-speed railway station, airport, subway station, etc.), enterprise exhibition hall, automatic doors and windows, indoor partitions, hanging banners and other scenes.Adhesive Transparent LED Display offer a unique way to engage audiences and convey information in a visually stunning manner while preserving the aesthetics of the surrounding space.

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Product Description

The P10 LED Screen is thin, transparent, easy to install, soft and flexible. The transparency of the P10 Display Module is very high, the light transmission rate is as high as 94%, and it is integrated with the building from the appearance after installation, which does not affect the original style of the building and does not affect the indoor lighting. And can present colorful pictures, while viewing a wide angle, to create an excellent visual experience for users. As transparent display technology is recognized by more people,LED Display P10 are widely used in aerospace, commercial buildings, shopping centers, as well as glass windows, commodity display cases and vehicle displays of luxury and jewelry chain stores.
LED Display P10

LED High transmittance Easy to install AB version
light drive in one,independent research and development, high reliability,mini LED device, industry leading. The transmittance is more than 90%, which does not affect the glass daylighting. without steel structure,just stick the thin screen slightly and connect the power signal.
Flexible Light and thin UV resistance Flame retardanyt

for any surface

as thin as 2.5mm, as light as 5kg/㎡ 5~10 years can ensure no yellowing flame retardant grade V1

Module size (mm) 1000*400 Peak power 600w/㎡
LED light REE1515 Average power 200w/㎡
Pixel composition R1G1B1 Work environment Temperature -20-55
Pixel spacing (mm) 10*10 Weight 1.3kg
Module pixel 100*40=4000 Thickness 2.5mm
Pixel/㎡ 10000 Drive mode static state
Brightness 2000/4000 Control system Nova/Colorlight
Permeability 94% Typical value of life 100000H
Angle of view ° 160 Grayscale level 16bit
input voltage AC110-240V50/60Hz Refresh rate 3840Hz

High Brightness
High Brightness
High Transparency
High Transparency
50%~95% transmittance
Lighter andThinner Design
Lighter andThinner Design
2.5mm thickness;
display panel weightless than 5kg/㎡
Arbitrary Cutting
Arbitrary Cutting
customized size and shape
Superior Longevity
Superior Longevity
lifspan over 100,000hours
Easy Installation
Easy Installation
soft and flexible

Transparent LED Wall

The combination of light and drive, independent researchand development, high reliability, industry leading.
Transparent LED Video Wall
High gray scale display (true 16bit)
RGB channel adopts 32-level current linear regulation.and maintains true 16-bit grayscale display under anycurrent, which is applicable to the consistency ofindoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor current requirements;

LED Wall Transparent
Use the integratedMiniLED lamp beads toimprove its own,Use invisible grid circuitto improve itspermeability.
Transparent Video Wall
Self-developed glue filling processthe screen body with its own viscosity can be directly attached tothe glass surface, with strong colloid adsorption, and the viscositywill also increase with the passage of time due to the inherentcharacteristics of the colloid.

Application scenario of this P10 Adhesive Transparent LED Display:
Store product display:Transparent LED Adhesive Film can be used to display the store'sproduct information and promotional information, to attractcustomers' attention.
Brand promotion:Stores can use Adhesive Transparent LED Film to promote brandimage and culture and enhance brand influence.

Application scenario of this P10 Adhesive Transparent LED Display

Activity promotion:Stores can use Adhesive LED Transparent Film Screen to promote variousactivities, such as new product releases and discountpromotions.
In addition, the solution can realize real-time update ofinformation and improve the timeliness of store information,as well as greatly improve the visual aesthetics and brandimage of the store, making the store more attractive andmodern.

P10 LED Screen

Featuring a high-resolution 10mm pixel pitch, our P10 LED screen delivers crystal-clear images and vibrant colors, ensuring that your content captivates and engages your audience. Whether you're showcasing dynamic videos, eye-catching graphics, or informative messages, our LED Display P10 offers exceptional clarity and detail, making every visual experience truly unforgettable.
One of the standout features of our P10 Display Module is its seamless modular design, which allows for easy installation and customization to fit any space or configuration. With its lightweight and slim profile, our P10 Indoor LED Display can be effortlessly mounted or integrated into any environment, providing maximum flexibility and convenience.
Built to withstand the rigors of continuous use, our P10 LED Display Panel boasts exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring years of trouble-free operation. With advanced thermal management and weatherproof construction, our performs flawlessly in any indoor or outdoor setting, regardless of the ambient conditions.
In addition to its exceptional performance and reliability, our P10 LED Video Wall offers effortless control and management through intuitive software interfaces. Whether you're controlling individual displays or managing an entire network of screens, our comprehensive software solutions make it easy to create, schedule, and update content with ease.
With its unmatched combination of performance, versatility, and reliability, our P10 Display Wall sets the standard for excellence in LED display technology. Whether you're looking to make a lasting impression at a trade show, captivate audiences at a concert, or inform and engage customers in a retail setting, our P10 LED screen is the perfect choice for your next project.

P10 LED Outdoor Display

The P10 LED Outdoor Display is a cutting-edge solution for outdoor advertising and signage needs. With high brightness and clarity, it ensures excellent visibility even in bright sunlight. Its durable design makes it suitable for various weather conditions, providing reliability and longevity. The LED Display P10 Outdoor offers easy installation and maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking impactful outdoor advertising solutions.To learn more about our P10 LED Display Price, please contact us.

Transparent LED Wall

At the heart of this innovative Transparent LED Wall product is its transparent LED technology, which combines high-resolution visuals with the transparency of glass, creating a stunning see-through display. This transparency allows for the integration of digital content into real-world environments without obstructing the view behind the screen, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
The Transparent LED Video Wall boasts an impressive resolution, delivering crystal-clear images and vibrant colors that enhance the visual impact of any content. Whether used for advertising, entertainment, or informational displays, this product ensures that your message is conveyed with unparalleled clarity and brilliance.
Designed for versatility, our LED Wall Transparent is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, making it a versatile solution for various settings such as retail spaces, corporate environments, museums, and event venues. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions, providing a long-lasting and robust display solution.
One of the key features of our Transparent Video Wall is its easy installation and maintenance. The modular design allows for seamless assembly, and the lightweight panels simplify the mounting process. Additionally, the product's intelligent monitoring and diagnostics system facilitates proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.
We understand the importance of customization, and our See Through LED Wall offers a range of options to tailor the display to your specific needs. From size and shape to brightness levels and interactive capabilities, we provide a flexible solution that adapts to your requirements, ensuring a truly bespoke visual experience.
Energy efficiency is a core focus of our product design, with the Transparent LED Wall Display incorporating advanced power-saving technologies. This not only reduces environmental impact but also lowers operational costs, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for businesses and organizations.
our Transparent Glass LED Screen Wall represents a leap forward in display technology, offering a harmonious blend of transparency, high resolution, versatility, and energy efficiency. Elevate your visual communication with this state-of-the-art Transparent LED Video Screen product that transforms spaces and captivates audiences with its stunning visual impact. Embrace the future of display technology with our Transparent LED Wall – where innovation meets elegance.

Adhesive LED Transparent Film Screen

This Transparent LED Adhesive Film seamlessly blends advanced LED technology with a transparent film design, offering unparalleled versatility and captivating aesthetics.
At the heart of our Adhesive Transparent LED Film lies its remarkable transparency, allowing for an immersive viewing experience like never before. Whether installed in retail environments, corporate settings, or entertainment venues, this screen effortlessly integrates into any space, enhancing ambiance while delivering dynamic content with stunning clarity.
Designed for ease of installation and adaptability, our Adhesive LED Transparent Film Screen features a unique adhesive backing that ensures hassle-free mounting on a variety of surfaces, including glass, acrylic, and even curved structures. This flexibility opens up endless possibilities for creative display configurations, empowering users to unleash their imagination and bring their vision to life.
With exceptional brightness and color uniformity, our Adhesive Transparent LED Display ensures that your content commands attention, whether it's vibrant advertisements, engaging presentations, or captivating visuals. The high refresh rate guarantees smooth motion graphics and seamless transitions, captivating audiences with a truly immersive viewing experience.
Furthermore, our Transparent LED Adhesive Film boasts energy-efficient operation, making it an environmentally conscious choice for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. With its long lifespan and low maintenance requirements, it represents a cost-effective investment that delivers lasting value.

Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Screen

At just a fraction of the thickness of conventional LED displays, our Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Screen redefines what's possible in terms of design and functionality. With a thickness measuring mere 3mm millimeters, it seamlessly integrates into any environment, whether it's curved surfaces, irregular shapes, or tight spaces.
this Thin Flexible LED Screen delivers stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and brightness. Each pixel is meticulously calibrated to ensure vibrant colors and sharp contrast, captivating viewers with lifelike imagery.

Rollable LED Display Film

Moreover, the flexibility of our Rollable LED Display Film allows for dynamic installations that were previously unthinkable. From curved walls in retail environments to wraparound displays in event venues, its bendable nature enables architects, designers, and creatives to push the boundaries of traditional display concepts.

Bendable LED Screen

Furthermore, Bendable LED Screen offers unparalleled durability and reliability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Bendable LED Display Its robust design ensures consistent performance even in challenging environments, providing peace of mind for long-term installations.

Transparent Peelable Display Screen

Transparent Peelable Display Screen are a cutting-edge display technology. Imagine a thin, flexible, see-through sheet that can display images and videos. These Transparent Peelable Display Screen can be applied to surfaces like windows or glass and later peeled off without leaving any residue.

People also ask


What Size Is The P10 LED Screen?

The size of a P10 LED screen can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. "P10" refers to the pixel pitch, which is the distance between the center of one pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. It doesn't directly indicate the physical size of the screen. P10 screens are commonly used for indoor and outdoor displays and can range in size from small panels used for advertising to large screens used for stadium displays or building facades. Typically, you would need to specify the dimensions (e.g., width and height) of the LED screen to determine its size accurately.


What Is The Difference Between P8 And P10 LED?

P8 and P10 LED displays refer to different types of LED modules used in LED screens or displays. The main difference between P8 and P10 LEDs lies in their pixel pitch.
Pixel Pitch: Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels on an LED display. P8 LED displays have a smaller pixel pitch compared to P10 LED displays. Specifically, P8 has a pixel pitch of 8mm, while P10 has a pixel pitch of 10mm.
Resolution: Because of the smaller pixel pitch, P8 LED displays can achieve higher resolution and display finer details compared to P10 LED displays when viewed from the same distance. This means that P8 displays generally offer better image quality, especially when viewed up close.
Viewing Distance: P10 LED displays are suitable for applications where the viewers will be farther away from the screen, as the larger pixel pitch may not provide optimal clarity when viewed up close. On the other hand, P8 LED displays are better suited for applications where viewers may be closer to the screen, as the smaller pixel pitch allows for sharper images at shorter viewing distances.
Cost: Typically, P8 LED displays are more expensive than P10 LED displays due to the higher resolution and smaller pixel pitch.
the main differences between P8 and P10 LED displays are the pixel pitch, resolution, viewing distance suitability, and cost. The choice between them depends on factors such as the viewing distance, desired image quality, and budget for the LED display project.

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