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transparent led film
led transparent film screen

Transparent LED Film

This Transparent LED film can be applied to windows, glass surfaces, or even transparent acrylic panels, turning them into dynamic displays without obstructing the view from the other side. By controlling the LED, you can create stunning visual effects, showcase products, or convey information in an eye-catching manner.
One of the significant advantages of LED Transparent Film Screen is its versatility. Transparent LED Display Film can be custom-cut to fit various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of installations. Additionally, it consumes less power compared to traditional display technologies, making it energy-efficient.
Transparent LED Film Display offers an innovative way to integrate digital displays into architectural designs or marketing campaigns, adding a modern and captivating element to any space.

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Transparent LED Film is an innovative display technology boasting high transparency, vibrant colors, and impressive brightness. It incorporates Invisible PCB or Mesh technology, achieving up to 95% transparency while retaining full display functionality. Upon initial observation, the absence of visible wires between LED modules is striking. Furthermore, when the Transparent LED Film Screen is inactive, its transparency is nearly flawless.

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Advanced Invisible PCB & Mesh Technology: Achieves super high transparency, exceeding 95%.
Slim & Soft Design for Creative Flexibility: Ultra-thin and ultra-light construction enables versatile design possibilities.
Easy Installation & Anti-UV Protection: Utilizes self-adhesive film for seamless attachment to glass surfaces without the need for frames or leaving gaps. Offers protection against UV radiation.
Flexible Installation: Easily customizable to fit various installation areas, allowing for different sizes and layouts.
Optimal Brightness and Color Performance: Provides sufficient brightness and excellent color rendering for high-quality display.

Transparent Led Film Display
Led Transparent Film

Transparent Led Display Film
Adhesive Led Transparent Film Screen

MODEL P6.25 P8 P10 P15 P20
Module size (mm) 1000*400 1000*400 1000*400 990*390 1000*400
LED light REE1515 REE1515 REE1515 REE2121 REE2121
Pixel composition R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1
Pixel spacing (mm) 6.25*6.25 8*8 10*10 15*15 20*20
Module pixel 160*64=10240 125*50=6250 100*40=4000 66*26=1716 50*20=1000
Pixel/m2 25600 16500 10000 4356 2500
Brightness 2000-3000 cd/m² 2000-3000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m²
Permeability 90% 92% 94% 94% 95%
Angle of view ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 °
Input voltage AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz
Peak power 600w/ 600w/ 600w/ 600w/ 600w/
Average power 200w/ 200w/ 200w/ 200w/ 200w/
Work environment Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Weight 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg
Thickness 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Drive mode Static state Static state Static state Static state Static state
Control system Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight
Typical value of life 100000H 100000H 100000H 100000H 100000H
Grayscale level 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit
Refresh rate 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz


Self-adhesive film that adheres directly to existing railing glass or windows, without the need for frames or additional gaps. Its easy installation process helps save on labor costs, while the wiring of power and signals is straightforward and can be seamlessly concealed. The addition of an Adhesive Transparent Led Display enhances the visual experience, marking a significant innovation in glass technology.
Adhesive Transparent Led Display


Invisible PCB or mesh technology offers up to 95% transparency, making it appear as though there are no visible wires between the LED modules upon initial inspection. When the transparent LED film is activated, it effectively delivers various information through displayed videos, capturing the attention of passersby. Importantly, this technology allows objects behind the glass to remain visible, enhancing the overall user experience.
Led Film


The LED Transparent Film Screen boasts an ultra-thin and ultra-light design, with a mere 2.5 mm thickness and a maximum sheet size of 1000 x 400 mm, weighing just 1.3 kg. Its fine material offers remarkable flexibility, enabling adaptation to both flat and curved glass surfaces. This versatility provides designers with expanded possibilities for application, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions.
Transparent Led Film Price


The Transparent LED Film is versatile in its expandability, allowing for both vertical and horizontal expansion by adding more films. Additionally, it can be tailored to specific sizes, accommodating various requirements or special glass shapes like triangles.
color transparent led film


The LED Film with pixel pitch range from 6.25mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm, the brightness in 2000nits makes indoor viewing very clear.
If attached to a glass window or wall facing the street outside, we can provide the film with 4000nits brightness which would be enough to attracts the attention of passersby while displaying a wide range of colors.
LED Film

Transparent Led Film Display
Transparent Led Display Film

Transparent LED Display


Store Product Display: Transparent LED Display offer an innovative solution for showcasing store product information and promotional content, effectively capturing the attention of customers.

Branding: Utilizing Led Transparent Film Screen enables stores to reinforce their brand image and values, thereby bolstering brand influence among consumers.

Event Promotion: Transparent Led Display Film serve as a dynamic platform for promoting various store activities such as new product launches, discounts, and special promotions. They facilitate real-time updates of information, enhancing the timeliness of store communications. Moreover, these displays significantly elevate the visual appeal and modernity of the store, thereby augmenting its attractiveness to customers.


In shopping malls, Adhesive Led Transparent Film Screen can be applied to the glass guardrails of shopping malls to attract customers' attention and improve the brand image of shopping malls. We propose an application scheme of Adhesive Transparent Led Display in the glass guardrail of shopping malls. The solution uses Transparent Led Film Display installed on the glass guardrail of the shopping mall, so that the shopping mall can display advertising information and attract customers' attention without occupying a large area of space.

Event promotion: Shopping malls can use Led Transparent Film to promote various activities, such as new product launches, brand displays, etc.

Shopping mall advertising: The Transparent Led Film can be used to display the advertising information of the shopping mall, including the latest discount information, brand promotion, etc.

Navigation instructions: The mall can display the map and related information of the mall on the Transparent Led Display Film to facilitate customers' navigation and visit.
Adhesive Led Transparent Film Screen

Proposal for Transparent Led Film Implementation in Escalators
Proposal for Transparent Led Film Implementation in Escalators

We propose an innovative application scheme for Led Transparent Film Screen in escalators, enhancing passenger experience by providing valuable information and advertisements seamlessly integrated into the handrail.

Elevator Status Display: The transparent LED display will showcase elevator operational data, including running speed, current floor, and designated stops, ensuring passengers are informed throughout their journey.

Advertisement Showcase: Utilizing the Transparent Led Film Display for advertising purposes enables businesses to promote their services or products effectively. Additionally, public service announcements can be broadcasted, contributing to social awareness.

Information Presentation: The display extends beyond elevator specifics, offering supplementary information like weather forecasts and real-time clock updates, enriching passengers' experience and engagement.

By implementing Led Transparent Film Screen within escalators' handrails, we maintain transparency while delivering pertinent information and advertisements, enhancing overall passenger satisfaction and engagement.

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People also ask


What is transparent LED film?

Transparent LED Film is a type of display technology that combines LED lights with a transparent film substrate. This film can be applied to windows, glass surfaces, or other transparent materials to create dynamic displays that allow light to pass through them while still showcasing content.Because the film is transparent, it allows natural light to pass through, making it suitable for applications where maintaining visibility through the display is important.Transparent LED film has various applications, including retail displays, advertising signage, architectural installations, and interactive exhibits. It offers a unique way to transform ordinary transparent surfaces into engaging and eye-catching digital displays.


What are the advantages of using a transparent LED screen rental for architectural displays?

Using a transparent LED screen for architectural displays offers several advantages:
Aesthetics: Transparent LED screens allow architects and designers to incorporate digital displays into buildings without obstructing the view or natural light. This maintains the architectural integrity and enhances the visual appeal of the structure.
Visibility: Transparent LED screens provide high transparency while displaying vibrant images and videos. This ensures that the content is visible both during the day and at night, enhancing the visibility and impact of the architectural display.
Flexibility: These screens can be customized to fit various architectural designs and sizes, offering flexibility in installation and integration with different structures.
Dynamic Content: With transparent LED screens, architects can showcase dynamic content such as animations, videos, and interactive elements, adding a modern and engaging dimension to the architectural display.
Energy Efficiency: Compared to traditional displays, transparent LED screens are more energy-efficient, consuming less power while delivering high-quality visuals. This aligns with sustainable design principles and helps reduce energy costs.
Durability: LED technology is known for its durability and longevity. Transparent LED screens are built to withstand outdoor elements such as weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance over time.
Brand Enhancement: For businesses or organizations, transparent LED screens offer opportunities for branding and promotion. Architectural displays can be used to showcase products, services, or brand messages, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.


Can Led Screen Be Transparent?

Yes, LED screens can indeed be transparent. Adhesive Led Transparent Film Screen are designed with transparent components, allowing light to pass through them. The Adhesive Transparent Led Display are often used in applications where maintaining visibility through the screen is important, such as in retail displays, architectural installations, or stage performances. Led Transparent Film Screen offer a unique way to display digital content while still allowing viewers to see what's behind the screen.

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